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la pura women's health resort kamptal
Hauptplatz 58, 3571 Gars am Kamp, Austria
Fax.: +43 2985/26 66-745
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Meaningful giving is a real challenge this special year. Sweet? We eat too much in lockdown anyway. New clothes? We don’t need it in the home office. Lipstick? Unfortunately only colors the mask.
What we women really need is time for us, which we like to share with mom or daughter, girlfriend or sister. But there’s more to the la pura voucher: wellbeing, enjoyment and inspiration.
Anyone who puts a la pura voucher under the Christmas tree knows what women really like!

Of course we are also available for you at any time during the closing time prescribed by the federal government on Tel .: +43 (0) 2985/26 66 – 0, or
via our contact form and we will be happy to provide you with a la pura – Voucher of your choice for your loved one. Visit voucher shop.

See you soon at la pura, stay healthy and we send warm greetings!
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    Slowing down

    Women have more and different kinds of stress than men, not just because they are subjected to more burdens in life. Instead of just a relaxing holiday, la pura offers special strategies for women to handle stress, so that they can avoid a burnout.

    Feeling attractive

    Women fret about their appearance and beauty all their lives. At la pura, there are innovative beauty concepts for every age: personalised skincare, natural cosmetics, cosmeceuticals such as medical aesthetics.

    Weight loss/Detox

    Women pay attention to their weight. After pregnancies, during menopause... actually all the time. Whether you want to take a weight-loss holiday using the F.X. Mayr regimen or our detox programme. Focused on women's needs.

    Getting some exercise

    Admittedly, women often find it difficult to fit in sports and exercise with all the other stresses in their every-day lives. Let la pura stimulate your interest and joy in all kinds of exercise. Sling training, Smovey walking… which one is for you?

    Eliminating pain

    Studies show that women frequently suffer from back aches and headaches. With the new special programmes for women at la pura, the female back can finally find relief – and the head can feel free.


    Women are different: We set high standards for ourselves, want to get a handle on everything. The fact that women’s health is different is becoming an increasing focal point in the field of medicine. A wellness weekend is simply not enough to provide women with the relaxation they need, and to keep them slim and attractive, fit and free of complaints. We need a retreat that is more than a good wellness hotel. That is why la pura, Europe’s only health resort just for women, is custom-tailored to women’s needs in every way. A women-only four-star superior resort that combines health and feeling good. University professor Dr. med. Alexandra Kautzky-Willer, Professor for Gender-Specific Medicine at the Medical University of Vienna, has developed a female-specific concept that is followed by all of la pura’s employees every day. In Gars am Kamp, amid the pure nature of the Austrian Waldviertel region.

    la pura
    Arzt im Patiententgespräch
    3 verschiedene Smoothies
    Dunkelhaarige Frau bekommt eine Nackenmassage
    Dame bekommt Kopfmassage
    Ärztin bespricht mit Patientin einen Befund
    Glückliche Frau liegt auf einer Liege
    Massage mit Kräuterstempel
    3 Frauen beim Yoga im Freien
    GourMed® Cuisine Essen mit Garnele
    Portätbild von la pura Ärztin Dr. Kautzky-Willer
    Frau schaut in Handspiegel und Ärztin gibt Schönheitsberatung

    An intestinal cure with charm and weight-loss effect

    Maintaining a woman’s intestinal tract and at the same time losing weight in a sustainable way, without a yo-yo effect – this dual effect makes the F.X. Mayr regimen unique. Since it has cast off its former milk-and-bread image, the F.X. Mayr regimen with alkaline food and therapeutic applications is seen as a highly relevant detox regimen. Dr. med. univ. Alex Witasek, known for years as President of the International Society of Mayr Physicians, has prepared the world’s first Mayr regimen for women especially for la pura.

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    Detox and watch the pounds fall off

    When your favourite jeans are getting tight and your skin looks pale, it’s high time to burn off a few pounds and increase your sense of well-being. With a “major clean-up” from inside for more energy and form. The body can eliminate toxins enough to be able to survive – but not to remain truly healthy. Pollutants in our food, bad nutrition and stress also overstrain our detoxification organs. A detox weekend or an intensive detox regimen for women at la pura promises beneficial relief. A diet helps the intestinal tract to cleanse itself, the metabolism gets a kick and those unloved love handles must go.

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    No more back pain or headaches

    Women experience different kinds of pain. Especially the back and the head are subjected to great strain and can cause women great suffering. With its special, female-specific therapies, la pura also offers solutions in this area. Medical director Dr. Karin Stengg among other things draws on her knowledge as an international spine specialist and her medical osteopathy training. Because spinal issues can be associated not just with back pain, but also headaches, migraines, dizziness, tinnitus and impaired vision. The combination of targeted investigation and treatment of root causes can cause great relief for the back and the head.

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    Individual stress relief

    Job, family, partnership: Women want to make sure that all three areas are covered almost perfectly – or they are not satisfied with themselves. Women have more and different kinds of stress than men, and it also affects them in different ways. Women’s stress systems are more sensitive and their coping strategies are worse, which in turn increases the risk of strokes and heart attacks. It’s high time for la pura’s comprehensive stress management programmes, specially designed for women. The hotel exudes the atmosphere of a retreat – both relaxed and high-quality – and that is also helpful. This is where women can find themselves as well as kindred spirits.

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    Everything under one roof

    A preventive health check-up with a single contact point with women-specific competence and a great deal of sensitivity – this is exactly what women like to see in their regularly required check-ups. In the context of the recommended preventive health check-up in Austria, different values are determined based on blood and urine samples as well as a general medical examination. The latter includes an examination of the lung and the heart, the joints and the spinal column. Blood pressure, weight, height and pulse frequency are also measured, and the ear, nose and throat area is examined, as are stool samples (from the age of 40).

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    Being authentically attractive

    It doesn’t matter which phase of life a woman is in: women want to feel attractive. When we consider ourselves to be attractive, we feel good and radiate confidence. At la pura, physicians and cosmeticians know how important health is for women. It’s never about chasing some beauty ideal, but about finding the best way to express the authentic attractiveness of a woman, whether they use natural cosmetics, cosmeceuticals or uniquely personalised skincare. Skin analysis methods and care products offer innovative and individual beauty solutions! Medical corrections are also possible.


    What is good for women

    Of course women want to see therapies and treatments that meet their needs. The broad range of therapies offered at la pura has been specially selected for women: From health coaching to food intolerance measurements, from a foot reflex zone massage to a Pantai Luar herb stamp massage. Many therapies and applications were developed specifically for women at la pura, which is why they can only be experienced here – for example, the underwater extension massage, a gentle treatment for a woman’s back. The healthy aging massage, head and foot special massages or special detox massages are also unique to la pura. Only for women at la pura.

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    Treat yourself to a healthy time off

    At la pura, everyone has an open ear for women: It all starts with a medical consultation with a female-specifically trained physician to discuss your individual health issues. With a great deal of time and sensitivity and in a pleasant vacation atmosphere – an honest one-to-one conversation. This results in a proposal for individual therapies and consulting based on sports science. The novel skin scan can be used to carry out a personal skin analysis to determine the most suitable skincare programme. Inspiration for potential kinds of exercise is provided in an activity programme that is included free of charge. Not least, la pura provides a great deal of information about nutrition, including in the form of presentations.

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    Getting women moving

    Exercise in particular is extremely important for women. A current study shows that as little as a half-hour a day can have life-prolonging effects. It’s not even that significant as to how much exercise a woman commits to – it may even be enough if a woman’s every-day activity is somewhat strenuous. There’s always room for a 30-minute slot in even the busiest of schedules. But of course not every woman enjoys strenuous exercise. la pura sees itself as a source of inspiration with a broad range of exercise options to try out. Our individual exercise coaching that also takes into account your health and physical constitution is also particularly efficient.

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    Healthy, tasty nutrition

    In la pura’s GourMed® Cuisine, healthy nutrition means a perfect combination of health, pleasure and compatibility, which in turn ensures healthy digestion. We not only place great value on selecting high-quality ingredients from the region, but also the right eating habits. The physiologically optimal composition of food and nutrients gives a body energy and can best supply a woman’s muscles, brain and metabolism. By making specific changes in diet, addressing incompatibilities and targeting weight management, women can feel more capable, can feel fit – and even sleep better!


    Women are healthy in a different way

    79 genes on the Y-chromosome, 1,500 on the X-chromosome: And yet there is even more that differentiates women from men. We have other medical symptoms, other challenges, we’re healthy in different ways. The two genders need to be viewed differently from a medical perspective – that is the basis of both the research and the teaching of University professor Dr. med. Alexandra Kautzky-Willer as Professor for Gender-Specific Medicine at the Medical University of Vienna. Her scientific insights with regard to women’s health are implemented at la pura. That is why la pura is a very specialised retreat only for women.

    Medical cosmetic corrections

    Women express an absolutely legitimate need when they wish to hold on to their youthful, fresh appearance over time. Frequently it’s not even about just looking younger, but simply to look relaxed and rested. Because that is what makes for a positive aura. Wrinkles are lifelines that are simply a part of getting older and that can have a very pleasant effect. A perfectly smooth face can quickly take on an artificial, mask-like appearance. That is why the medical team at la pura proceeds with a great deal of sensitivity to individually determine the best solution for every individual woman – and which method are to be used to achieve that.


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      This is how you can contact the la pura staff:

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    la pura women's health resort kamptal
    Hauptplatz 58, 3571 Gars am Kamp, Austria
    Tel.: +43 2985/26 66-742
    Fax.: +43 2985/26 66-745