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la pura women's health resort kamptal
Hauptplatz 58, 3571 Gars am Kamp, Austria
Fax.: +43 2985/26 66-745
Mail: reservierung@lapura.at
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Your health and well-being

Dunkelhaarige Frau im Bikini


We all know the hamster wheel women have to deal with

Your desk is full, your partner needs attention, the kids’ birthday party needs to be planned. There is never enough time to focus on your own health, and so you try to squeeze a few doctor’s appointments into your schedule. And that is how the tour from one medical specialist to another begins. Time for a detailed, comprehensive consultation? Maybe you’re thinking of moving beyond conventional medicine and considering complementary medicine? More and more you feel like breaking out of your every-day routine, to take some time to look after yourself. To find a place where physicians will look after you, so you can stay fit, mentally and physically!

Gestresste Frau mit Brille sitzt vor Laptop
2 Frauen entspannen im la pura Pool


Get away from your daily routine to meet kindred spirits

And this is it: The place where women can find a refuge from every-day life. A place that offers everything that’s good for women. A place with an interdisciplinary team of physicians, specifically trained in women’s needs that only focuses on women’s health. Since we subscribe to the motto “everything under one roof”, there’s no need for elaborate tours of extensive medical facilities. Preventative healthcare or simply a wellness vacation finally feel like a relaxing getaway in a hideaway where women can spend some time among kindred spirits. What tops it off is the pure nature of the Kamptal valley, a source of power and strength in the Austrian Waldviertel region.


When you want to feel understood

A place where women can feel understood and taken care of: At la pura, our team of physicians and therapists will support you individually according to the insights of female-specific gender-medicine, from the very important preventative healthcare and strengthening of life energy, weight regulation, stress relief or healthy aging. At la pura, you will find modern medical concepts, conventional as well as alternative medicine, but also naturopathy, physical beauty applications and aesthetical medicine. We make use of anything that’s effective. Of course the entire la pura-team is trained in female-specific issues.

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Portätbild Dr. Kautzky-Willer
Arzt im Patientengespräch

Determining one’s needs for a better quality of life

The determination of gender-specific needs and new medical concepts based on these contribute to the preservation or restoration of a woman’s health and better quality of life. In cooperation with the Medical University of Vienna, the latest findings of gender medicine are linked holistically with proven complementary medicine methods. At la pura, this broad range of methods is implemented with an exclusive focus on women’s health and preventative care.


Scientific consultant of the la pura women’s health resort

Univ. Prof. Dr. med. Alexandra Kautzky-Willer, recognised medical specialist and professor for gender medicine at the Medical University of Vienna, developed the la pura med concept on the basis of the University’s gender medicine findings especially for women. She is one of the first Austrian professors who specifically deals with women’s needs in the context of gender medicine.

Individual consultation by our team of physicians

Right at the beginning, one of our physicians will set aside plenty of time for an individual conversation, because every woman is different. The woman’s biography is discussed in detail, risk scores and specific biomarkers are analysed, women-specific “problem values” such as vitamin D and the iron metabolism are determined, and a glucose tolerance test may be carried out, because even if a woman is (pre-)diabetic, her sober sugar values can frequently still indicate normal values. If a woman wants to deal with the stress in her life, an individual stress profile using a heart-rate variability measurement makes a lot of sense.



Melanie Scheffenacker

Hotel Manager

It’s important to us that you feel well at la pura.
Melanie Scheffenacker is available for all your wishes or concerns. Please feel free to contact her.

Doris Pfeiffer

Doris Pfeiffer

Head of Therapy

Doris Pfeiffer is your competent contact person for all questions regarding therapies and treatments. Feel free to contact her even before your arrival.

Markus Mohrbach

Head of Reservations

Markus Mohrbach will assist you with your reservation for a stay. If you have any questions or requests before your arrival or during your stay, you are welcome to contact him.

Portätbild Herr Witzer

Markus Witzer

Head Chef

With passion and love for detail, our head chef Markus Witzer prepares our GourMed® Cuisine for you every day. He keeps trying out new tidbits to delight your palate!

Brigitte Schiegl

Service Manager

Our restaurant manager and sommelier makes sure that all our guests are perfectly satisfied and is dedicated to ensuring that their meals are accompanied by the finest wines of the region.

  • Dr. med. univ.

    Sabine Fröhlich

Medical Director
Physician for General Medicine

  1. Additional qualifications:

  • Diagnosis and therapy according to F.X. Mayr
  • Diagnosis and therapy of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)
  • Classical homeopathy
  • Sports medicine
  • School doctor medicine
  • Emergency medicine
  • Advanced training diploma from the Austrian Medical Chamber
Porträtbild Dr. Stengg

Dr. med. univ.

Karin Stengg D.O.

Trauma surgeon, Orthopedic medicine,
Doctor of osteopathic medicine

  • Spine specialist
  • Healthy aging specialist

Additional qualifications:

  • Manual medicine
  • Aesthetic medicine
  • Acupuncture
Portätbild von la pura Ärztin Dr. Kautzky-Willer

Dr. med. univ.
Alexandra Kautzky-Willer

Medical specialist for internal medicine, endocrinology, metabolism and geriatrics

Additional qualifications:

  • Scientifically responsible physician of the la pura med concept
  • Professor for Gender-Specific Medicine at the Medical University of Vienna
  • Scientist of the Year 2016 (Austria)
Dr. Manfred Zauner

Dr. med. univ.
Manfred Zauner, MSc

Physician for General Medicine, Spa Physician

Additional qualifications:

  • Acupuncture
  • Manual medicine
  • Hospital hygiene
  • Myoreflex therapy
  •  Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM)
  • Diagnosis and therapy according to Dr. F.X. Mayr

Deputy Medical Director
– of the la pura health resort kamptal and the
– la pura outpatient department for physical medicine and rehabilitation.

Dr. Alex Witasek

Dr. med. univ.
Alex Witasek

Physician for General Medicine
President of the International Society of Mayr Physicians

  • Expert for nutrition, orthomolecular medicine and myoreflex therapy

Additional qualifications:

  • Manual medicine
  • Diagnosis and therapy according to Dr. F.X. Mayr
Dr. Isabella Schwarzmaier

Dr. med. univ.
Isabella Schwarzmaier

Physician for General Medicine

Additional qualifications:

  • Diagnosis and therapy according to Dr. F.X. Mayr
  • Osteopathy
  • Emergency medicine
  • Homeopathy



Founded in 1982, VAMED has become the leading global provider of a full line of services for hospitals and other health care facilities. The group has implemented around 960 projects in 95 countries on five continents. VAMED’s portfolio ranges from project development, planning and turnkey equipment via maintenance, technical, commercial and infrastructure services to the total operational management of health care facilities.
With its portfolio of services, VAMED covers the entire range of health care, from health tourism and preventive medicine via medical care and nursing to aftercare and rehabilitation. VAMED is a leading provider of rehabilitation services in Europe and, through VAMED Vitality World, the company is also Austria’s largest operator of thermal spas and health resorts. In 2019, the VAMED group was responsible for more than 22,000 staff worldwide, generating a volume of business of € 2.6 bn.

About VAMED Vitality World

The international health care group VAMED has been actively involved in the thermal spa and wellness sectors since 1995. Using the umbrella brand VAMED Vitality World, founded in 2006, VAMED is currently operating eight of the most popular thermal spa and health resorts in Austria: AQUA DOME – Tirol Therme Längenfeld, SPA Resort Therme Geinberg, Therme Laa – Hotel & Silent Spa, St. Martins Spa & Lodge in Frauenkirchen, Therme Wien, Bad Sauerbrunn Health Spa, TAUERN SPA Zell am See – Kaprun and la pura women’s health resort kamptal in Gars am Kamp. VAMED Vitality World’s resorts attract more than 2.6 mio guests a year, making VAMED Austria’s leading operator of thermal spa and health resorts.

Logo Genderinstitut


Institute for Gender Medicine

VAMED feels obligated to live up to these responsibilities. As the first company in the world, it opened a health resort just for women in 2011: the la pura women’s health resort in Gars am Kamp. Now VAMED has expanded its scope and founded the first Institute for Gender Medicine in Austria in Gars am Kamp, in cooperation with the Medical University of Vienna.

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    This is how you can contact the la pura staff:

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la pura women's health resort kamptal
Hauptplatz 58, 3571 Gars am Kamp, Austria
Tel.: +43 2985/26 66-742
Fax.: +43 2985/26 66-745
Mail: reservierung@lapura.at