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la pura women's health resort kamptal
Hauptplatz 58, 3571 Gars am Kamp, Austria
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Innovative solutions for women

At la pura, competent physicians and professional cosmeticians worked together to create a range of products and services for all kinds of beauty needs and requirements. For women of all ages. From head to toe, for face and body. With the la pura skin analysis device, the current state of a woman’s skin can be determined in detail – and la pura’s beauty professionals know the perfect solutions. From natural cosmetics to cosmeceuticals, from instrumental to personalised cosmetics. If required, medical cosmetic corrections are also available.

Discover our cosmetics offers and treatments.

Saugwellenmassagen am Hals einer Dame
Frau schaut in Handspiegel und Ärztin gibt Schönheitsberatung

The force of nature

Vinoble’s natural cosmetics are distinguished by their sustainability and highest quality. The research of Vinoble Cosmetics focuses on the essence of the grape seed – a source of youthful vitality and natural beauty. In its production process, Vinoble only uses natural, vegan constituents that have been harvested with great care. The products are entirely free of parabens, paraffins, silicones, PEG substances, artificial colouring, synthetic mineral oils, hormone-activating substances and constituents of animal origin.


For sensitive skin

Solutions for a woman demanding only the best can be found in aesthetic cosmetics: these treatments are not only applied manually, but also with the aid of high-tech equipment. The treatment consists of 3 steps: Microdermabrasion, an intensive peel that frees the skin of dead skin flakes, followed by a suction-wave massage for a tissue-tightening skin massage and to stimulate lymph flow and the metabolism. The process concludes with an ultrasound treatment that can unleash special effective gels deep in the skin. For an all-around fresh, radiant appearance – with immediately visible effects.


Aesthetic Medicine

Loss of elasticity, wrinkles on the upper lip, worry-lines or a loss of volume in the face? To treat wrinkles, la pura offers hyaluronic acid, botulinum toxin and thread lifting – after careful consideration by the consulting physician. Mesotherapy can be the right solution for when the skin needs moisture and is slack, but also when dealing with hair loss, stretch marks and scarring. At la pura, lifting the skin is also possible without surgery, for example with thread lifting. Not least, a blepharoplasty (eyelid lift) can restore the appearance of radiantly beautiful eyes, in case of drooping eyelids for example.


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la pura women's health resort kamptal
Hauptplatz 58, 3571 Gars am Kamp, Austria
Tel.: +43 2985/26 66-741
Fax.: +43 2985/26 66-745