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Can you enjoy delicious food and still do something good for your body? This doesn’t need to be a contradiction, as la pura’s GourMed® Cuisine shows. It’s not just healthy and makes the body feel good, but it’s also very tasty. You can find out how it works right here.    

For a person in the modern world to eat healthy seems to be a science unto itself – at least that’s the impression one gets while trying to get through the jungle of diet trends, nutrition guides, cooking shows and super-foods. Food is meant to make us feel satisfied while keeping us slim and healthy, and it should taste good as well. That sounds like quite a challenge. “Eating healthy doesn’t need to be rocket science,” la pura’s head chef Markus Witzer points out. “As long as you follow a few simple rules.” The most important rule is using fresh ingredients – regional and organic if possible. The freshness requirement plays an important role primarily with regard to meat, fruit and vegetables. Witzer also recommends dispensing with flavour enhancers or ready-made seasonings and sauces. In la pura’s kitchen, he only uses fresh herbs, salt and fresh lemon juice to season the food.

No contradiction: Eating healthy and like a gourmet

Valuable foods and gentle, natural preparation are the foundation of the so-called GourMed® Cuisine, which was developed exclusively for la pura and is served daily in Austria’s first resort exclusively for women: It is based on the latest findings in modern nutrition science, which connects healthy nutrition with the highest culinary delights, and on the firm conviction that nutrition is the oldest medicine. A balanced acid-alkaline household is as significant in the GourMed® Cuisine as the targeted use of different food products and herbs.  Another cornerstone is the eating culture, because eating slowly, chewing thoroughly and enjoying the food in a relaxed setting make a significant contribution to a functioning digestive system and an improved sense of well-being

GourMed® chef Witzer also advises replacing cold dishes with warm and cooked dishes, especially the first meal of the day: “To stimulate the metabolism and at the same time place a minimal burden on the body, a warm breakfast, for example millet gruel, porridge or scrambled eggs is best.” Eating warm food is important because cooked dishes are significant easier to digest and the nutrients can be absorbed more easily by the body.

A vacation for the digestive system

In case or problems with the gastrointestinal tract, excess weight or longer phases of unhealthy eating, it can be helpful to treat the digestive tract to a short or even a longer time off: “The modern F.X. Mayr diet, for example, works with integrated diagnostics and therapy to regenerate the gastrointestinal tract, detoxify the body and teach healthy eating behaviour,” says Dr. Alexander Witasek, expert for nutrition at la pura. The F.X. Mayr diet doesn’t mean that you’re confined to milk and bread like in the old days, but tasty vegetables and fish. If you aspire to reach your ideal weight, a fasting therapy is recommended as the beginning of an overall change in diet. The programme includes low-calorie food, plenty of exercise as well as infusions to stimulate the metabolism. “The objective is to sustainably acclimate the body to less calories and primarily a balanced diet to avoid the dreaded yoyo effect,” Witasek explains. Anyone who wants to improve their health in the short term can use detox days with juices, fresh vegetables and salads. At la pura, any dietary programme begins with an initial medical consultation and is followed by ongoing therapeutic supervision.

The most important recipe for success for a healthy diet in the long term is for food to be enjoyable and tasty. Healthy nutrition may not be equated with renouncing tasty food, meticulously counting calories or extensive preparations in the kitchen. Getting this message across is truly important for us at la pura,” Witasek concludes.

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