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Healthy Aging

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Finally la pura offers the first truly comprehensive concept that individualises all relevant aging subjects and tackles them in a scientific way. It includes innovative and sustainable solutions that keep a woman’s body and mind fit, powerful and attractive. Because it’s not about anti-aging, but about healthy aging! Based on epigenetics. This scientific field differentiates between the (static) genome and an epigenome, which can be altered dynamically by biological, mental and social factors. This means that the aging process can be influenced preventively in a timely manner and used to actively, consciously shape the path of the future. At la pura, the epigenetic risk factors of each woman are determined comprehensively using modern diagnostic methods. There are respectively coordinated therapies and medical treatments, including for home application, for any weak points that are discovered. All essential healthy aging columns according to the German Society of Anti-Aging Medicine – from lifestyle and mental balance to exercise and nutrition to supplementation and hormone replacement – are covered in this process. The la pura promise: after just a week of healthy aging, your biological clock will already be ticking slower.

Positive effects

  • Determining biological age, partly on the basis of lifestyle risks: what are the right strategies to stop the biological clock?
  • Determining metabolic type: finally, here is the key to individual weight management.
  • Analysing the condition of the skin: achieve optimal skin after an honest look under the skin.
  • Finding hidden inflammations: dealing with complications and diseases in a timely manner.
  • Checking flexibility: achieve optimal balance.
  • Determining the individual sports type: instead of chasing sports trends, train properly and effectively.
  • Determining the stress profile: know what is causing stress or making you sick and how that can be dealt with.
  • Finding the cocktail of micronutrient that is best for you personally: one single preparation instead of a collection of little boxes and bottles of pills.

A look under the skin: in order for women to remain attractive for a long time, the VISIA skin analysis at la pura is indispensable. It accurately measures the condition of the skin, including any changes in the skin. For example, this is where sun damages or a bacterial colonisation of the skin are detected – as these can lead to age spots or other changes. Based on this analysis, la pura is able to compose an individual high-grade UNIVERSKIN™ beauty solution, a skincare product developed by medical specialists that is individually coordinated to every woman. Is the VISIA skin analysis is not just very helpful for aesthetic treatments – for example to detect the true depth of wrinkles.


women don’t get enough exercise, and it’s not just because of the busy calendar or their weaker selves. Sometimes we’re simply not able to exercise as much as we would like because of our age. Or we’re kept from our favourite sport because of an injury. No problem for la pura: Individualised exercise programs are prepared on the basis of a determination of the individual (genetic) sports type, a performance check and an individual consultation based on sports science. New sports inspirations can be tried out at la pura right away. So that sports can be fun and the body does what it’s supposed to do at one’s respective age.



What kind of change can you expect after a week at la pura? After as little as one week, women have undergone extensive diagnoses and analyses and know not just their biological age, but also their respective weak points. Based on the individually prepared plans, we can counteract any impending problems starting immediately. On all levels. With this detailed knowledge, we feel prepared for a healthy and attractive future all around. That is why individual healthy aging beats any other anti-aging offers.


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la pura women's health resort kamptal
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