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la pura women's health resort kamptal
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detox regimen austria


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Nothing fits any more, we feel exhausted and sluggish. Losing a little ballast, feeling lighter, feeling better – that would be perfect right about now. It’s time for a detox at la pura! Because our women’s health resort is a perfect detox hotel, for example for a detox weekend or a detox regimen in Austria. Our detox regimen was specially developed for women, and this regimen is more important than ever before. Because bad every-day habits when it comes to nutrition and stress can overextend our metabolism.  During the treatment, targeted measures can help the female body to eliminate hazardous substances. Our special diet will inspire you to live a healthier lifestyle.

Positive effects

  • Health prevention
  • Weight reduction
  • Stimulation of the metabolism (both via muscles and the intestines)
  • Improvement of skin appearance
  • Reduction of toxins
  • Enhancing one’s sense of well-being
  • Has a life-prolonging affect as a fasting cure (scientifically proven)

Dr. Zauner about Detox

Glas Milch Narungsmittelunvertäglichkeit
Hirsebrei mit frischen Früchten
Blonde Frau liegt auf dem Bauch und bekommt eine Salzmassage
3 Frauen machen unter Anleitung Gymnastik mit Ringen

Clarification of medical causes

Deviations from the desired weight can be clarified with a female-specific diagnosis at la pura. If there are medical causes, there are tips for medicinal therapies. Aside from a thyroid gland examination, dealing with intolerances can also contribute to improving the metabolism. The fructose and lactose tolerance test can determine, for example, whether fructose is being properly resorbed by the intestines or whether sufficient lactase is being produced for the digestion of lactose. Intolerances can affect not just one’s weight, but can also be responsible for flatulence, depressions and sleep disorders.


GourMed® Cuisine Detox

Here’s our promise: The reduced-carb menus at la pura not only serve as an inspiration for an easier life at home, but also pure enjoyment. Meals are always enjoyed with plenty of time and all the senses. It all starts with the alkaline detox breakfast with, among other things, freshly squeezed smoothies and warm millet gruel with fruit. For lunch, there is a clear soup and steamed fish, poultry or meat with fresh vegetables, and sometimes a green salad. In the evening, an alkaline vegetable cream soup – and absolutely no raw food, since that could lead to fermentation problems in the intestines during the night. Throughout the day, there are always delicious teas and plenty of water available


Detox treatments

Of course additional detox therapies also support the body’s cleansing at la pura. Detox massages with suction bells and detox wraps, for example, can generate a detoxification via the organs, while detox peels can aide detoxification via the skin. We also like to use oxythermia: it combines hyperthermia therapy with the administration of oxygen. It can significantly improve the blood flow in the capillaries, improve performance and strengthen the immune system. Galileo training, on the other hand, activates deep muscle groups through a combination of vibration, coordination, balance and strength training.


Exercise is vital

The most important component of any detox regimen and any weight loss vacation is plenty of exercise. That is why at la pura we have free exercise activities in the context of the activity programme that rotate on a daily basis. Every woman can find a personal exercise programme that best corresponds to her personal affinities and that can be optimally integrated into her daily life. Defeat your weaker self once and for all! Our individual training units based on sports science, in which our trainer focuses on your individual needs, are even more efficient. One thing that’s certain is that you can continue all the training recommendations that you receive at la pura at home after your detox vacation.


Detox and F.X. Mayr regimen and programs 2023

NOTE: Dear Madam! Are you interested in our Detox and F.X. Mayr regimen and programs 2023?
We kindly ask you to visit our German website for the time being. We recently revised these programs for 2023. You can already find the new one´s on the German website version. We are currently working on being able to present this new programs  to you in English with all its services.
=> LEARN MORE HERE about Detox-/F.X. Mayr programs and offers 2023 (in German, for easy translation we recommend => Google Translater)

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la pura women's health resort kamptal
Hauptplatz 58, 3571 Gars am Kamp, Austria
Tel.: +43 2985/26 66-742
Fax.: +43 2985/26 66-745