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Ärztin behandelt Patientin mit einer F.X.Mayr Bauchmassage

F. X. Mayr

When our gut is healthy, we feel good. Unfortunately, women in particular have problems with their intestinal system. That is why Dr. med. univ. Alex Witasek, President of the International Society of Mayr Physicians, developed the world’s first F.X. Mayr regimen just for women. Women generally have a weaker digestive system and find it more difficult to digest heavy food. The 4 columns of the F.X. Mayr regimen – care, cleaning, training and substitution – effect an optimal detoxification and cleansing of the intestinal tract and the entire body. This improves our intestinal health, our well-being and the immune system. And we promise, after this you’ll feel like taking on the world! And of course you’ll lose a few pounds along the way, for good. Because the F.X. Mayr regimen is a nutritional education, not a yo-yo diet.

Positive effects

  •  Weight control (overweight and underweight)
  • Improvement of digestive capacity
  • Regeneration of intestinal tract
  • Alleviation of complaints of the spinal column, joints and musculature
  • Improvement of the metabolism (sugar, cholesterol, liver)
  • Beautification of the skin
  • Alleviation of allergies and intolerances
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Strengthening of the immune system
  • Preventative healthcare
  • Self-discovery, re-orientation

Dr. Fröhlich about F.X. Mayr therapy

Arzt im Patientengespräch
Arzt bei einer F.X. Mayr Bauchmassage
Blonde Frau liegt auf dem Bauch und bekommt eine Salzmassage
Kalorienarmes Essen

Female-specific F.X. Mayr therapy

What is different about the F.X. Mayr regimen for women at la pura? Individual therapy planning includes female-specific analysis and diagnosis. Regular manual abdominal treatments counteract female-specific enteroptosis during the regimen. There are supportive detox applications for the skin and spine-stabilising measures – so that the female spine can support the intestines better in future! Finally, there is a nutrition consultation for the time after the spa regimen – with tips that are good and tasty for the entire family.

Listen to your gut

The medical manual abdominal treatment according to F.X. Mayr at la pura is specially adapted for women. It is highly effective. For example, it can eliminate lymphostases in the belly, decongest the liver, improve the blood flow of the abdominal area, activate intestinal movements and stimulate detoxification in the intestines. As a result, a woman’s intestines can cleanse themselves much better. Even urinary incontinence can be reduced. Not least, the rather important diaphragmatic breathing is practiced and a possible elevated diaphragm is reduced. The chest and neck muscles are relaxed and the lungs will breathe out more acidic CO2.

All-round detoxification

It is not only the intestines, but also the organs, the lymphatic system and the skin that are stimulated to detoxify with special treatments. Using suction bells, lymph drainage elements and reflex zone treatment, the most important organ systems will be stimulated to a strong detoxification performance. The skin can be brought to detoxify with cleaning salt, tightening grape seeds and regenerating grape seed oil in an intense body peel – making it exceptionally soft to the touch. This is followed by a special portion of tender care according to your individual taste, For example with a pleasant facial massage.


F.X. Mayr nutrition

The times of milk-and-bread regimens are long past. Instead, the F.X. Mayr diet is individually adjusted according to the latest findings in nutrition science. Corresponding to the medical diagnosis of intestinal health and the desire for weight management, there are different nutrition classifications: The range of meals that provides the body with all essential nutrients goes from simple alkaline broths to tasty vegetable soups and fish and meat dishes with fresh vegetables. During the F.X. Mayr regimen, women will learn correct eating habits that will change their metabolism. In contrast to other diets, there will be no hunger sensations.


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la pura women's health resort kamptal
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Fax.: +43 2985/26 66-745
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