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Healthy Aging

To the offers

Finally, la pura offers the first truly comprehensive concept that individualises all relevant aging subjects and tackles them in a scientific way. It includes innovative and sustainable solutions that keep a woman’s body and mind fit, powerful and attractive. Because it’s not about anti-aging, but about healthy aging! Of course it’s based on the most recent insights from gender medicine. Every woman is an individual, and the Healthy Aging concept uses a wide range of diagnostic methods to determine their biological age, including their skin. There are coordinated therapies and medical treatments, including for home application, for any weak areas that are discovered. All healthy aging columns – from lifestyle via mental balance and exercise to nutrition – are covered. At la pura there is also plenty of individual inspiration: mental, sports- and nutrition-related or cosmetic. The la pura promise: after just a week of Healthy Aging, your biological clock will already be slowing down!

Positive effects

  • Determining your biological age
  • Determining your metabolic type
  • Status of your facial skin including individual improvement possibilities
  • Tips to actively become biologically younger
  • Individual lifestyle coaching and tips for relaxation training for better stress management
  • Coaching based on sports science: Learn ideal forms of exercise for your individual condition!
1. What is the best strategy to stop my biological clock?

With this genetic test, any predispositions and risks to premature aging can be determined in order to indicate the individual possibilities to avoid age-related diseases. This results in extensive individual recommendations and guidelines for your personal healthy aging.

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2. How can I find the right key to my individual weight management?

The metabolic function and the individual macronutrient needs are determined, and the metabolic rate and weight stabilisation, regulation of hunger and satiation are analysed and the health of the skin is determined by a genetic test. The result contributes to your optimal diet and exercise choices.

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3. What is the condition of my skin – now and in future?

The 3D skin analysis takes an honest look under your facial skin and determines your biological age. Wrinkles, pores, skin blemishes and imperfections can be presented in exact detail and analysed objectively. If desired, we can compose an optimum serum for you based on your formula (individual serum not included in the check-up price).

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4. How can I detect hidden inflammations and get to grips with secondary diseases in time?

A simple saliva test is used to determine the health of the oral immune system. It makes it possible to quickly and easily detect hidden inflammations and the depletion of collagen in the body, which can lead to the negative influencing of diabetes, rheumatic diseases or heart attacks and strokes.

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5. Can I find out what is causing me stress and making me sick?

The analysis makes it possible to determine the current stress load on your body and mind. This allows for individual countermeasures to be initiated at an early stage, before health problems arise. We will reveal to you how to restore and maintain a balance between tension and relaxation.

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6. How can I find my optimal flexibility and my individual efficient training regimen?

We use a body stability test to determine your body's flexibility, strength, endurance and fine motor skills as well as potential risks of falling. Your genetic predisposition will be checked and an individual custom-tailored training plan prepared in order to optimally coordinate the ratio of strength and endurance training to your body type.

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7. What does the bio-impedance analysis reveal about my body composition?

Based on the different resistances of the body composition (e.g. body water, fat-free mass, lean mass, fat mass), a very precise measurement of your body structure is possible. The collected data allows for a meaningful evaluation of your health, nutritional habits and physical fitness.

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8. What does heart rate variability reveal?

Heart rate variability measurements can be used to understand how your body responds to and copes with physical and mental stress and describes the heart's adaptability to respond to different stresses, so it actually reveals a lot about your health, and it can be improved at any time through appropriate measures.

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Biological age

What is it that improves after just a few days at la pura? As soon as a woman not only knows her biological age, but also her respective weaknesses after detailed diagnostics and analyses, we can immediately and specifically counteract impending problems on the basis of an individually developed plan. On all levels. With this detailed knowledge, we feel prepared for a healthy and attractive future all around. That is why individual healthy aging beats any other anti-aging offers.

Skin analysis

It goes right under your skin: in order for women to remain attractive for a long time, the VISIA skin analysis at la pura is indispensable. It determines the exact condition of the respective skin. It’s not just about beauty, but about any skin change. For example, this is where sun damages or a bacterial colonisation of the skin are determined – as these can lead to age spots or other unwelcome changes. The skin analysis at la pura is also very helpful for aesthetic treatments: For example, it can be used to determine the true depth of wrinkles – so that treatments can be used to counteract them in a targeted way.

Movement type

Women don’t get enough exercise, and it’s not just because of the busy calendar or their weaker selves. Sometimes we’re simply not able to exercise as much as we would like because of our age. Or we’re kept from our favourite sport because of an injury. No problem for la pura: Individualised exercise programs are prepared on the basis of a determination of the individual (genetic) sports type, a performance check and an individual consultation based on sports science. New sports inspirations can be tried out at la pura right away. So that sports can be fun and the body does what it’s supposed to do at one’s respective age.


Some of our healthy aging treatments explained in brief:

Determination of biological age

Holistic, individualised preventive healthcare taking environmental and lifestyle factors into account through analysis of the epigenetic regulation of cells and genetic characteristics. Determination of an inclination to premature aging, excess weight, diabetes as well as checking the immune system or vulnerability to infections. Including recommendations and guidelines. Attention: Evaluation time approx. 3 weeks.

Determination of metabolic type

Checking metabolic function and the individual need for macro-nutrients (protein, fat and carbohydrates), analysis of metabolic rate and weight stabilisation, regulation of hunger and satiety, ratio of strength and/or endurance training as well as the health of your skin from just a small blood sample. Including recommendations and guidelines. Attention: Evaluation time approx. 3 weeks.

3D facial skin analysis

Determination of biological age of the skin through VISIA scan. To analyse the condition of the skin on and under the surface, three different lighting modes are used. Potential skin damage caused by the sun is made visible, existing porphyrins (bacterial secretion) in deep skin layers are revealed, hyper-pigmentations, acne and vascular lesions such as couperose and rosacea are detected. An aging and rejuvenation of the skin is simulated. We can prepare an individual serum on the basis of this analysis.

Detecting inflammation sources

Periodontitis is an inflammation of the periodontal apparatus that can also afflict the jaw and cause the affected person to not just lose teeth, but suffer from consequential damage in the entire body. The ORALYZER aMMP-8 value check of your oral immune system allows us to detect hidden gum damage in just a few minutes using a saliva test, making a targeted prevention possible. This test includes a medical consultation.

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