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Dunkelhaarige Frau bekommt eine Nackenmassage


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Lower back pain is a never-ending headache, especially for women. Numerous studies have shown that women suffer significantly more from back pain than men. “The back is a step-child of medicine,” says la pura’s doctor Dr. Karin Stengg. As an international spine specialist with medical osteopathy training, she focuses on solutions. Women frequently also suffer from headaches, increased blood pressure, impaired vision, tinnitus, listlessness, migraines, chronic fatigue or dizziness, without realizing that it is actually connected with our spinal column. In both cases, la pura’s team of physicians identifies and then treats the actual causes. The methods used include medical osteopathy, healing massages and an individual training programme.

Positive effects

  • Medical determination of the causes
  • Preparation of an individual treatment program
  • Preparation of a guideline for future improvement
  • Pain relief
Dunkelhaarige Frau bekommt eine Nackenmassage
Dame bekommt Kopfmassage
Schmerzfrei werden, Ärztin behandelt untere Wirbelsäule einer Patientin, Osteopathie

No more back pain or headaches

Women experience different kinds of pain. Especially the back and the head are subjected to great strain and can cause women great suffering. With its special, female-specific therapies, the la pura medical team, made up of specialists in the field of spine and osteopathy, offers efficient treatment methods. Because spinal issues can be associated not just with back pain, but also headaches, migraines, dizziness, tinnitus and impaired vision. The combination of targeted investigation and treatment of root causes can cause great relief for the back and the head.

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Targeted, effective treatments

Put an end to that odyssey of going from one doctor to the next and still not finding out why women experience migraines, headaches or tension headaches. At la pura, there is only one port of call for us women, and there is always enough time for our concerns. After the examination and consultation by our medical specialist, an individual, custom-tailored package with treatments and therapies is prepared for every woman. For example with acupuncture, osteopathy, individual training based on sports science and fascia therapy. If necessary, with infiltrations, neural therapy and targeted massages are also used.


Help against headaches

Nobody likes taking medication on an ongoing basis and still get nothing more than mild relief. At la pura, we explore the root causes of women’s headaches when even radiology fails to provide an explanation. After an exact examination, the team of physicians, therapists and relaxation trainers treats the respective complaints individually. In a therapy plan custom-tailored just for you, we combine knowledge from classical conventional medicine with our many years of experience in the area of osteopathy, traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture. Thanks to an integrated treatment of the complaints, women can be relieved and get a fresh start!


Finally, less back pain.

With our new “Get Pain-free with TCM” programme, our female back can breathe a sigh of relief! The 8-day programme at la pura offers an individual diagnosis and several specific treatments of causes (medical osteopathy, healing massages, underwater extension therapy, etc.) as well as an age-specific training programme prepared by sports scientists. And of course there are tips for continued treatment at home. If the back continues to be under strain due to a woman’s multiple stresses included in her job and private life, the short stress management program may also be helpful.


Why medical osteopathy?

After an exact medical clarification, the integrated approach in particular is decisive for success in spinal column treatments. With medical osteopathy and a variety of techniques, the body’s balance is restored. Osteopaths like to remind the body of its self-healing ability, which is always present. The treatment aims to detect and treat limitations of movement, muscles, tendons, bones, but also internal organs. Experienced osteopaths only need a few handgrips to determine why a woman is experiencing pain.


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