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Strengthen your immune system

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Specially developed for women: strengthen your immune system for winter with these power programmes.

We all grapple with the question of how we can protect ourselves from a infection when it’s cold outside and we have to spend a lot more time indoors. At the la pura women’s health resort – Europe’s only health and wellness resort exclusively for women – the formula is an active strengthening of the immune system!

The new programme “Strengthen immune power”  has been developed for this purpose. It combines everything that helps women to quickly strengthen their immune system: Targeted infusion therapies, lymph drainage and foot reflexology, a special oxygen interval therapy, a fortifying diet, exercise programmes that boost the immune system and individual health coaching.

Take your health into your hand today, we will be happy to support you.

Why strengthening your immune system
is recommended?

A strong immune system…

  • reduces tiredness and exhaustion
  • ensures good energy
  • prevents infections of any kind
  • protects against viral infections
  • promotes good and rapid wound healing
  • eliminates inoperable cells
  • inhibits the development of allergies
  • supports good intestinal health
Nordic Walking

Woman’s immune system is better

The GOOD news: “Women have a better immune system.” says Univ. Prof. Dr. med. Alexandra Kautzky-Willer, Professor of Gender Medicine at the Medical University of Vienna, who uses her research results to supervise the la pura concept. This is partly due to the female hormone constellation, but also due to the greater willingness of women to enhance their immune system.

Power and immune infusions

“We can absorb important vitamins, minerals and plant substances through the blood much more than we can through our diet. This makes it possible to enhance our body’s defences very quickly,” says la pura’s medical director, Dr. Sigrid Hawlena. For the new immune power package, she has composed a power infusion consisting of high-dose vitamin C, magnesium and B-vitamins as well as immune infusions of zinc, vitamin C and valuable antiviral plant ingredients to stimulate the lymphatic system.

Cell Gym: The IHHT Oxygen Interval Therapy

It trains cells with varying oxygen dosages and increases one’s overall energy level while also improving the organism’s regenerative ability and stimulating the immune system. Therefore the IHHT oxygen interval therapy acts as a kind of fitness studio for cells.

GourMed® Cuisine and sufficient exercise

The nutrient-rich, organic, plant-based GourMed® Cuisine at la pura also contributes to the programme’s invigorating effect, along with the many sports and exercise programmes in the fresh air of the Waldviertel region that boost the body’s resistance. “Exercise is one of the most important keys to good health,” Dr. Alex Witasek writes in his book “F.X. Mayr for Women” and explains: “Lack of exercise weakens the immune system and inhibits natural repair mechanisms in our body.”

F.X. Mayr regimen

Incidentally, the President of the International Society of Mayr Physicians developed the first F.X. Mayr regimen specially developed for women exclusively for la pura: it is optimal for anyone who has 1 to 3 weeks to spare and who want to strengthen their immune system in an even more sustainable way. The gastrointestinal tract is home to no less than 70% of our immune system and has more defence cells than the skin and airways combined. With its vast surface, the intestine offers three barriers against pathogens: the intestinal mucosa, the microbiome (also known as the “intestinal flora”) and the intestine-related immune system. If the intestinal tract is weakened, then the immune system is also impaired, which is why the F.X. Mayr regimen focuses specifically on the intensive cleansing and strengthening of the intestinal tract.

To the F. X. Mayr regimen – information and offers.

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