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Job, family, partnership: we all know that women experience more stress than men. When women are stressed, they become more sensitive, tend to eat more, smoke a cigarette or experience back pain. Metabolic problems are exacerbated by an increased risk of stroke or heart attack. So it’s high time to take preventive measures against women’s stress. That is why la pura’s team has developed the world’s first female-specific stress management programme. An intense programme, aided by a high-quality retreat environment in which women can find themselves while surrounded by other women.

Positive effects

  • Recognising one’s own stress behaviour
  • Learning about ways to reduce stress
  • Preventing diseases
  • Enhancing one’s sense of well-being
  • Strengthening the immune system
  • Stimulation of self-healing mechanisms
  • Individual guideline for better individual handling of stress.
Ärztin führt ein Patientengespräch mit einer Patientin durch
Ärztin und Patientin blicken bei einem Behandlungsgespräch auf einen schwarzen Laptop
Frau bekommt eine Gesichtsmassage
Unterwasser Extensionstherapie

Medical admission consultation

Health effects should be clarified at this stage. This includes a 24-hour heart rate variability (HRV) measurement, which together with an ECG can display stress effects. This is because chronic stress damages the sensitive female vessels. The bioimpedance analysis (BIA) provides information about the fat metabolism with blood lipids. In addition, significant lab values are determined in a blood test – such as insulin resistance, glucose tolerance and the stress parameter morning cortisol.


Biofeedback. The real stress measurement

This test shows the level of stress in an impressive visual display on the screen. With state-of-the-art biofeedback training units, a monitor can be used to practice one’s own ability to relax: One can learn to relax and see how targeted breathing techniques can lower the stress level – a valuable visual confirmation. Of course, in addition to all these tests, there must also be a consultation with a psychologist in order to get a better handle on the individual causes of the respective female stresses in future.


A multitude of relaxation programs

In addition, there are special head massages, energetic body therapy, relaxation training of all kinds (from Qi Gong via mindfulness training to progressive muscle relaxation according to Jacobsen) and cellgym applications. In this treatment, one lies on a lounger and relaxes while inhaling hypoxic (O2-reduced) and hyperoxic (O2-enriched) air to “reprogram” the cell metabolism, which can have a positive effect on the vegetative nervous system.


Treatments against stress effects

Because every woman is different, the stress effects are also completely different. “One woman will reward herself with food and struggle with weight gain, while another will start to smoke and experience back pain or stomach aches,” says University Professor Dr. Kautzky-Willer. That is why we offer individual special therapies like nutrition consultations and medical abdominal treatments, but also acupuncture permanent needles that can provide an impulse to stop smoking. And not least underwater extension therapy as well as myoreflex therapy or medical osteopathy can also be helpful in treating back pain.


With their holistic medical and psychological knowledge, our physicians offer a comprehensive consultation so you can make individual improvements to your lifestyle in all health areas. These areas comprise nutrition, exercise, posture, stress management and self-help in the area of health. Our personal coaching with a sustained effect is individually coordinated to your needs and concerns. After your stay, you can head back into your every-day life – calm, rested and relaxed.

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    This is how you can contact the la pura staff:

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