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To the offers

The broad range of therapies offered at la pura has been specially selected for women: It begins with health coaching by our physicians, who have access to special and comprehensive expert knowledge, particularly when it comes to women’s health. Here we take all the time women need, and we always have an open ear for a woman’s concerns. Our physicians place value on finding a personal path to an improved sense of well-being for every woman. They are supported by a team of competent therapists with sensible treatments. Cosmeticians and the rest of the staff contribute to women being able to relax and restore their energy at la pura.  La pura’s extensive range of services specially designed for women will have you spoiled for choice.

All treatments offered all year round

Discover la pura’s wide range of treatments in the fields of:

  • la pura Massages (PDF): Massages & Physical Therapies, Pregnancy
  • la pura Cosmetics (PDF): Our Brands Vinoble, Universkin™, Fuhlendorf & Cosmetic Service
  • la pura Medicine (PDF): Healthy Aging, Medical consultations & therapies, Infusions,  Personal Consultation Services & Our team of physicians
  • Relaxation & Stress Relief (PDF): Relaxation & Stress Relief, Exercise, Training & Diagnostics

How to make an appointment

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We recommend reserving your desired dates as far in advance as possible. Of course, we also try to make appointments available at short notice.

Opening hours – Treatment and therapy department:
Thu-Sat 8:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. / Sun-Wed 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Book treatments online

  • Fix treatments yourself: Reserve your desired treatment at your preferred date!
  • You can pre-book some of our most popular treatments online from home with a fixed appointment.

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  • The physicians at la pura provide female-specific competence for preventative healthcare or individual support.
  • At the women’s health resort, we have a great range of experienced therapists for women to carry out, for example, fructose and lactose intolerance tests as well as bioenergetic intolerance tests.
  • The range of services comprises all kinds of (partly developed in-house)
    – massages,
    – lymph drainage, but also
    – myoreflex therapies as well as
    – energetic body therapies.
  • Finding it difficult to decide? No problem: In an individual massage, the therapist can decide for you – and she or he will know what is good for you right then.

Sandra Klotz about therapies and massages

Frau schaut in Handspiegel und Ärztin gibt Schönheitsberatung
Unterwasser Extensionstherapie
Blonde Frau liegt auf dem Bauch und bekommt eine Salzmassage
Dame bekommt eine Nackenmassage
Ärztin führt eine ostheopathische Rückenbehandlung an Patientin durch
Saugglocken Behandlung am Bein
Massage mit Kräuterstempel
Ultraschall Schönheitsbehandlung am Hals
3 Frauen trainieren unter Anleitung an Fitnessgeräten
Glas Milch Narungsmittelunvertäglichkeit

3D facial skin analysis

Determination of biological age of the skin through VISIA scan. To analyse the condition of the skin on and under the surface, three different lighting modes are used. Potential skin damage caused by the sun is made visible, existing porphyrins (bacterial secretion) in deep skin layers are revealed, hyper-pigmentations, acne and vascular lesions such as couperose and rosacea are detected. An aging and rejuvenation of the skin is simulated. We can prepare an individual serum on the basis of this analysis.

Unique at la pura

The underwater extension therapy combines extension therapy and a massage in warm water in a special therapy pool. Gentle and effective at the same time, it is particularly recommend to treat muscle tenseness and misaligned vertebrae. Women are suspended in the water in a kind of floating seat, with their body completely under water while simultaneously being treated with pressure jets. The vertebrae are returned to their correct position and will maintain this new balance in a sustainable way. It is particularly effective for shoulder, neck and back pain.

Full-body peel for skin that is gentle to the touch

With salt from the Dead Sea and valuable oil, a full-body peel stimulates the blood flow of the skin. Surface calluses are also reduced to aid detoxification of the skin

It couldn’t be more individual

In an individual massage, the therapist, who is trained in women-specific massages, discusses a woman’s problems, goals and wishes in a personal discussion and then decide what kind of treatment is best. This can be a classical massage, but it can also be an energetic therapy or a reflex zone therapy, or even a combination of these. The only important thing is that women can receive massage sessions that are perfectly coordinated to their needs during their valuable time off.

Gently treating pain

Osteopathy is a gentle method to balance the regulation of the functions of muscles, nerves and joints. It is a holistic and causal treatment method with sustained effects on all organ systems. The core of osteopathy is a manual treatment of pain syndromes as well as disruptions in the muscles, cartilage, tendons or joints. However, it can also be used to treat vegetative disruptions and internal organs. The treatment is carried out by specially trained physicians.

Detoxing the organs

Using suction bells, elements of lymph drainage and reflex zone treatment, the most important organ systems will be stimulated to a strong detox performance. Detoxification via the lymph system is also boosted.

Asian herb stamp massage

In Indonesian, Pantai Luar means something like “on new shores”. After such a treatment, women should feel deeply relaxed and rejuvenated. The herbal essences and fragrant herbs are wrapped in linen and tied into little sacks: these cloth stamps, which are heated in warm herbal oils, are then used in a special massage featuring different movements and intensities. It is intended to stimulate the metabolism and can have cleansing, skin-caring and relaxing effects. A ritual for all the senses that generates a pleasant body sensation.

Going in feet first

The popular foot reflex zone massage based on the ancient knowledge that certain zones on the soles of the feet correspond to certain organs and parts of the body. All body systems are influenced in a positive and balancing way by reflex zones on the feet. They can be activated or calmed, and the vegetative nervous system can be regulated. Foot reflex zone massages are generally perceived to be very pleasant and relaxing – they can not only improve blood flow and stimulate the immune system, but also have a positive effect on the spirit and the soul.

Biological age and metabolic and sports type

The analysis of the epigenetic regulation of cells is a holistic, individualised preventive healthcare that takes environmental and lifestyle factors into account. It detects a person’s tendency to premature ageing, obesity and diabetes and checks their susceptibility to infections. The test, which requires just a few drops of blood, also determines a person’s individual metabolic type by checking metabolic functions and provides valuable information for individual weight stabilisation. Last but not least, the result shows the optimal ratio of strength and endurance sports for any particular woman.

Detecting inflammation sources

Periodontitis is an inflammation of the periodontal apparatus that can also afflict the jaw and cause the affected person to not just lose teeth, but suffer from consequential damage in the entire body. The ORALYZER aMMP-8 value check of your oral immune system allows us to detect hidden gum damage in just a few minutes using a saliva test, making a targeted prevention possible. This test includes a medical consultation.

Aesthetic cosmetics for sensitive skin

This high-tech cosmetic treatment comprises three steps:
1. Microdermabrasion: an intensive peel
2. Suction-wave massages: activation of the connective tissue, the lymph and the metabolism
3. Ultrasound: effective gels achieve their effect optimally. They give your skin a fresh, radiant appearance.

Individual training for the perfect body

The one-to-one training with our sports scientist is individually coordinated for you, which is why it is also particularly effective. You will receive training recommendation that you can also apply after your stay at the la pura women’s health resort kamptal. The close collaboration with the physiotherapist makes it possible to take into account poor posture and problems with musculature, joints and the spine.

Food intolerance measurement

Food intolerances can cause a multitude of non-specific complaints, such as abdominal discomfort, susceptibility to infections, skin rashes, pain syndromes and sleep disorders. If problematic foods are avoided for some time, the body can recover, the intestinal tract can regenerate, and the intolerance can disappear. In bioenergetic testing, focuses of disease and interference zones are sought in the hands and feet using acupuncture points, material compatibilities are checked and a therapy plan for an initial therapy is prepared.

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la pura women's health resort kamptal
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