Welcome at la pura

The health resort

Exclusively for women.

Our team of physicians, therapists, cosmeticians and all other staff care about your health and well-being. We are here for you, in Gars am Kamp, in the idyllic Waldviertel.

We look forward to taking care of your health. That is why everything in la pura revolves around the health needs of women, so that a woman can really feel well here.

Exclusively for you:

  • Our physicians with female-specific competence for your healthcare or individual support.
  • Our experienced therapists with a broad range of offers for you.
  • Nutrition and exercise as the essential factors that impact your health. At la pura, we focus on deliciously light GourMed® Cuisine with an opportunity to consult our dietologist and our physicians, as well as a broad range of all kinds of exercise possibilities with competent therapists and sports scientists.
  • Beauty treatments, because being satisfied with one's appearance contributes to a sense of well-being.
  • Informal female company, in a feminine ambiance.
  • An opportunity to relax in our ladies' spa.


In the feel-good atmosphere of our lovingly designed four star superior resort, you can feel a sense of exclusivity from the first moment. Let your beauty radiate, relax properly and re-charge your batteries for your every-day life.

This is one place where the focus is always on YOU – on your health and your well-being.

It all starts with an offer of health coaching by our physicians with special and comprehensive expert knowledge, especially when it comes to women's health. Our physicians take time for you, so they can join you in finding your own personal path to enhanced well-being.

They are supported by a competent team of therapists, who will help you achieve deep relaxation. Take advantage of our extensive range of offers, specially designed for women, and select the therapy that suits your wishes best.

The correct, healthy and still delicious food is also decisive for health and well-being. With our GourMed® Cuisine, we place special value on this aspect at la pura. Of course, all individual preferences, types of nutrition and food intolerances are taken into account. Our dietologist is happy to consult you.

Exercise is just as important, however. With our broad range of sports possibilities, we can help you find the most suitable programme. Because exercise is not just healthy, but should also be fun. Our sports scientists are happy to support you in finding your own individual exercise regimen.

Our competent, interdisciplinary team will spare no effort to make sure that you will return from your stay at the la pura women’s health resort with new-found freshness, strength and vitality. Stay young, fit, healthy and attractive longer while enjoying yourself and having a pleasurable life. These are the objectives of the unique la pura concept for a woman's well-being.


Summer Academy

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la pura day

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Detox Days

Detoxing the body

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F.X. Mayr Therapy

Cleansing the body

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Painfree Head

Put an end to your headaches

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Friendship Days

Well-being, vitality & relaxation

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Preventive healthcare

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