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A rolling stone gathers no moss – this may be a hackneyed old saying, but it still holds true. Integrating more exercise in every-day life only works if you try many options – and find a way to have fun while exercising. It’s a good thing that the range of sports activities is almost infinite and that there is a suitable form of exercise for every woman.

It extends life, prevents cardiovascular problems, reduces the risk of cancer, relieves back pain, can prevent diabetes, reduces stress and, due to high endorphin emissions, it makes for an excellent mood  – we’re not talking about a new miracle cure or even an expensive therapy, but exercise itself. Regular exercise is the key to a healthy life. The World Health Organisation recommends at least 30 minutes of exercise a day, and it doesn’t even have to be in one continuous session, but distributed across the day.

That doesn’t sound like all that much, but most of us don’t even meet this minimum requirement. Why is that? Of course there are many reasons for this, ranging from a lack of time or insufficient equipment to the overpowering laziness that we are all subject to. Women in particular face such a packed, stressful day, that they can’t head off to the gym for hours on end.

So how can women still integrate exercise in their every-day life?

Sports scientists recommend connecting exercise with daily routines – cycling to work, for example, or bringing the kids to leisure-time activities such as football or music lessons on foot or giving the lift a miss and taking the stairs instead. It also helps to enter exercise sessions in a calendar in fixed form, just like other deadlines, and to seek out training partners – which makes it more difficult to say no.

Exploring the sheer variety

In order to integrate exercise in every-day life in the long term, fun needs to be an important element – because we only do things regularly that we actually enjoy doing. That is why experts recommend trying out different types of sports and finding out which one suits you best. At la pura, we offer regular workshops or training days on a specific subject, for example yoga or pilates (ev. Verlinkung zu aktuellen Angeboten). This makes it possible to get to know a different type of sports intensively in a very short time.

Start slow and keep your eye on the ball

The common assumption that only young, fit people are suitable for sports is easily refuted. According to experts, one is never too old to start exercising. In the beginning it is important that one gets a comfortable start and doesn’t overexert oneself. It’s no fun if one is completely out of it after the first exercise unit. The intensity can be increased over time.

Training without obstacles

The good news for anyone who wants to engage in exercise without a great deal of technical equipment or financial outlay: For many types of exercise such as yoga, strength training, jogging or Nordic walking, only one or two pieces of equipment are needed – for example a slip-proof yoga mat, latex bands or the right kind of running shoes – in order to get started.

And then of course there’s still the question of how to overcome anyone’s innate laziness… The best thing to do is picture the fantastic feeling that comes right after putting in all that effort and then just getting started.

All information about la pura’s range of sports options can be found here.

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