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la pura women's health resort kamptal
Hauptplatz 58
3571 Gars am Kamp
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Healthy Aging Check Up Medium

Duration of stay:
From 1 night – including 5 treatments | optional to add to any booking.
per guest 750

Our “MEDIUM” Healthy Aging Check Up can be booked individually in addition to any desired or previously planned la pura stay, regardless of whether you are visiting us for a treatment regimen or are simply planning a relaxed short stay. After a comprehensive diagnosis, you will receive individual recommendations how you can stay young longer. This includes the right diet and exercise tailored to your metabolism, which will not only bring you success, but pleasure as well.

In our comprehensive “MEDIUM” check-up, we will determine your metabolic type using a genetic test. In addition, fitness and skin analyses allow us to recognise what support you need in order to remain mentally and physically healthy, effective and attractive for longer.

Our Healthy Aging programme is the first truly comprehensive concept that individualises all relevant aging topics and clarifies them in a scientific way to outsmart time itself.

Based on the results of the included tests and analyses, we can help you answer these questions:


How can you slow down your biological clock?


What is your body’s fat, water, and muscle percentage?


What is the key to your own weight management?


What are your stress index and adaptability levels?


How can you protect yourself against secondary diseases?


What is the condition of your skin now, and what will it be in future?


How can you find your optimal balance and make your training work efficiently?


What it is that stresses you and makes you ill?

Your medical and therapeutic services

  • 1 x Medical examination, 20 min. – initial examination
  • Determination of metabolic type – Genetic test
  • 1 x Detection of inflammation sources, 30 min.
  • 1 x BIA – Bioimpedance analysis, 20 min.
  • Your Present:
    1 x 3D facial skin analysis, 30 min.

Booking information

How to book these packages: When booking a stay at la pura via e-mail or telephone, please inquire directly. When making an online booking, simply add it to the reservation package (click the relevant option in the booking step under “Enhance your stay”).

Genetic test: Please note that the evaluation of this complex test takes about 3 weeks. If you book early enough, we’ll send you a test kit in advance by mail, including a lancet for self-collection of a few drops of blood from your fingertip, detailed instructions and a short questionnaire. You will receive more detailed information about the process once you make your reservation.

The services rendered are provided in the context of the la pura outpatient department for physical medicine in Kamptal, the la pura health resort kamptal or the Gesundheitsresort Gars Betriebs GmbH.

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    This is how you can contact the la pura staff:

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la pura women's health resort kamptal
Hauptplatz 58, 3571 Gars am Kamp, Austria
Tel.: +43 2985 2666-742