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la pura women's health resort kamptal
Hauptplatz 58, 3571 Gars am Kamp, Austria
Fax.: +43 2985/26 66-745
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Yoga, Meditation, la pura

Yoga & Meditation

validity: 13.09.2022 - 30.06.2023
Duration of stay:
3 nights, including 4 individual training units for yoga, meditation, relaxation and nutrition, GourMed® Cuisine full board plan, ladies spa and la pura arrangement basic services.

Yoga is an Indian philosophical teaching that encompasses a series of mental and physical exercises to increase well-being, achieve greater harmony and improve health.
Many studies show the enormous spectrum of effects of meditation. Learn techniques for more serenity and satisfaction and above all for coping with everyday stress.

Experience pausing, a soothing deep relaxation and “coming to yourself“. Get into the flow, greet the sun, gently stretch, twist, open, stretch, relax and meditate! Our yoga trainers accompany you through the exquisite postures with adept competence and a great deal of sensitivity. Conscious breathing and mindfulness-based meditation refine this relaxing break.

Your medical and therapeutic services

 Private and exclusive! Individual training units are tailored to your needs
and individually designed for you.

  • 1 x Relaxation Training, 25 min. (One-to-One)
  • 1 x Individual Yoga Training, 50 min. (One-to-One)
  • 1 x Meditation, 50 min. (One-to-One)
  • 1 x Nutritional advice, 25 min. (One-to-One)
  • Including yoga units in the group according to the current weekly program
  • Yoga equipment available (mats, pillows, blocks)


  • Daily arrival possible
  • Your individual food intolerances are taken into account
  • Tea station in your room
  • Mini-bar included (alcohol-free), all-day tea lounge

The services rendered are provided in the context of the la pura outpatient department for physical medicine in Kamptal, the la pura health resort kamptal or the Gesundheitsresort Gars Betriebs GmbH.

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    This is how you can contact the la pura staff:

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la pura women's health resort kamptal
Hauptplatz 58, 3571 Gars am Kamp, Austria
Tel.: +43 2985/26 66-742
Fax.: +43 2985/26 66-745

Healthy Aging Check Up

So you want to know more about yourself, especially how to stay young, attractive and healthy for longer! Take charge of your own health today; we will provide effective support, with the most comprehensive concept for staying young that is currently available.
You can add this package to any stay – inquire by e-mail/phone when booking or select this option online!

from 2 nights
from 1 night
Biological age
With this genetic test, any predispositions and risks to premature aging can be determined in order to indicate the individual possibilities to avoid age-related diseases.
Metabolic type
Your metabolic function and individual macronutrient needs, metabolic rate and weight stabilisation, regulation of hunger and satiation and health of your skin are determined.
Inflammation sources
This saliva test easily and quickly identifies hidden inflammation sources and the breakdown of collagen in the body.
Mobility check
Based on your genetic predisposition, we will prepare an individual custom-tailored training plan to optimally coordinate the ratio of strength and endurance training to your body type.
Bio-impedance analysis
Bio-electrical impedance analysis is a professional and scientifically sound method to determine body composition based on the analysis of the relationship between fat, water and muscle proportions of your body.
Heart rate variability
In this scientifically recognised, medically significant analysis, the actual condition of your body is determined in order to determine possible causes and indicate possible solutions.
3D facial skin analysis
The 3D skin analysis takes an honest look under the skin and determines your biological age. Wrinkles, pores, skin blemishes and imperfections can be presented in exact detail and analysed objectively.
Stress management
Stress factors are analysed and individual reaction possibilities are discussed and developed in the context of a mental coaching session.
Medical consultation
All genetic test results and analyses are explained in detail, resulting in an individual, personal therapy plan tailored to your needs.
€ 1.558 € 870
Healthy Aging FIND OUT MORE
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Healthy Aging Check up Module optionally bookable FIND OUT MORE